Daily Photo

A fun thing to do is to take a photo of your face everyday for a month and then produce an animation of all the photos.

There are two Shortcuts needed for this. The first takes the photo each day, and the second creates the animation.

Shortcut 1 - Taking the daily photo

The first thing this Shortcut does is check that you haven’t already taken a photo today. To do this it keeps a file of dates. If the last date in the file is today’s date the Shortcut politely tells you you’ve already taken today’s photo and then exits.

Next the Shortcut will ask you to select from a list of albums. You might want to have albums for morning, evening and an anytime photo. You’ll need to update the Shortcut with the names of the albums to use and make sure they exist in the Photos app.

Now the photo will be taken and saved to the chosen album.

Finally the dates file is updated to record we’ve taken a photo today.

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Shortcut 2 - Animating the photos

This Shortcut is simpler than the first one. It starts by asking for the album name and then grabs all photos from the last 30 days and creates the animation.

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Ideas for improvements

Here are some ideas for how you could improve these Shortcuts:

  • Currently you can only take one photo per day, whereas ideally it should be one photo per day per album
  • The result uses the last 30 days of photos from the selected album. Can you change this to use the photos from the current month instead?
  • Give the user the ability to share the result via a social media app.

One final improvement is to be reminded each day to take the photo. To do this edit the photo taking Shortcut, bring up Siri and say “Remind me about this.” You can then schedule a reminder which links directly to the Shortcut.