You can have lots of fun with Shortcuts. This Shortcut connects an RSS feed to a LOLspeak translator. Just what you’ve always wanted - the news translated into Kitten 😺

The first action gets one item from a specified RSS feed. I’ve used a feed of music news, but any RSS feed should work.

The next action takes the title of the news item and URL encodes it. This makes the text suitable for including in the translator website URL.

I couldn’t find an API to do the translation so I’m using a website and scraping the result. Fragile, but this is just for fun and not an essential tool in my workflow 🍭

After I’ve constructed the URL and downloaded the response I convert the returned HTML into plain text.

Nearly there. Now a regular expression (something which matches a particular pattern) grabs the translation from the text.

Finally the result is shown/spoken to the user. 🐱

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