I'm Feeling... A Shortcuts Mood Journal

There are an abundance of apps for tracking your mood and emotions. In this post I’m going to show you how to create a mood journal using Shortcuts.

The Shortcuts starts with asking the user how they are feeling. This list can be easily modified.

Sometimes the user may just want to record a particular feeling or emotion and not add any more details.

The Shortcut asks the user whether they want to add a not. If they select Yes then two questions are asked:

  1. “I’m feeling because…” gets the user to describe why they think they are feeling that way.
  2. “I’m going to…” asks the user to say how they are going to react in a positive way.

Their answers are then appended to a file. This file is in Org mode format, however feel free to modify the Shortcut to generate a different format if required.

Finally there can be some optional files containing suggestions for the user based on the emotion they selected at the beginning. For example if the user selected Anxious at the start then the Shortcut will look for the file Anxious.txt in the users Shortcuts iCloud directory. A random line is chosen from the file and displayed.

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