Morning Motivation

Sometimes you need a little more motivation in the mornings, and for some people a favourite quote does the trick.

For this Shortcut I’m going to use the app Textor to prepare a file containing some of my favorite quotes. You can download Textor (for free!) from the App Store.

Start Textor and navigate to the Shortcuts folder. Files added to this folder can be used in Shortcuts without you being prompted to pick a file. Now create a new file and add some of your favorite quotes. The important thing is to make sure that each quote is on a separate line and there are no blank lines anywhere in the file. Once you’ve saved the file rename it to Quotes (hold down your finger on the file in Textor and choose Rename).


The steps needed for this shortcut:

  • Get the Quotes file you just saved (Textor will have given it the extension txt so its full name will be Quotes.txt)
  • Split the file into lines
  • Choose a random line
  • Show the result to the user

Morning Motivation shortcut

Simple! You can then assign a Siri Shortcut such as “Motivate Me” to read a random quote when you feel the need.

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